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Apostle Dr. Chloe Natacha 

Passionate about her work and dedicated to her obligations. She is recognized as a Pastor, motivational speaker, leader, author, public speaker,  Conference Expert with over 250 in attendance, and event planner. Since 2015, she has been honored over 39 times for her work in the community.  Apostle was honored in 2020 by the Brooklyn Borough President for the COVID19 HERO'S AWARD.  She accomplished her Bachelor of Science, and Master of Science degree in Health Care Administration at the University of Phoenix. Currently she is completing the end of her Doctorate in Health Care Administration at the School of Advance Studies. As she determined her purpose, she launched “ANS Association” on May 11, 2015, the letters represent her name and her two daughters A- Anastasia, N-Natacha, and S-Sade, this organization is an Empowerment group for men, women, and the youth. Twice annually, the organization honors over 20 men and women who are professionals and continue to provide their support to the community. To date the organization has grown tremendously with over 7,000 members worldwide.

In July 2019 she was ordained as a Pastor and launched her worldwide ministry Chloe Natacha International Ministries which create worship conferences, revivals, workshops, counseling, and participating in missionaries worldwide. She currently counsels people all over the U.S., and other countries such as, Canada, Jamaica, Ghana, Belize, Philippines, and many more countries. Her ministry is traveling to Ghana in September 2020 for missionary and feeding over 400 children and homeless women.

On August 17, 2019, she launched her book “My Journey is Very Bright Through Jesus Christ”, the book sold many copies worldwide. Her book is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. Her new book will launch in the summer of 2020, “The Transformation.”

Her organization ANS Association & Chloe Natacha Ministries provides Domestic Violence women shelters with back to school supplies, Christmas toy drive, Mother’s day event, and Thanksgiving potluck for the women and children.

Natacha is very involved in the community, in July 2016, she took part in becoming the Volunteer Coordinator for Male District Leader for the 42nd district Josue Pierre and in May & June of 2019 as Volunteer Coordinator for Council Member Farah Louis’s campaign.

In July 2017 she launched a Youth foundation named after her mom Nicole Aurelien who passed in February of 2014. Her mom raised over 26 children who weren’t her biological children. Natacha continued her mom’s legacy and launched the Nicole Aurelien Youth Foundation (NAYF). The youth foundation will consist of a choir, basketball team, step dancers, and cheerleaders. Her goals are to empower, develop, and implement programs within the community by bringing men, women, and youth together and make a difference to society while improving their life. She is passionate about education, and helping others.  

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